Watch: Amazing Kids Interrupt BBC Expert’s Interview; Grandma Thinks She May Be To Blame

C6j2N4TVAAQGBx1Updates have revealed that the grandmother of the two children who went viral after interrupting their father’s live interview on the BBC says she may be to blame for the children’s action. A professor at the Department of Political Science in Pusan, South Korea, Robert Kelly was having an interview with BBC News on the President’s impeachment yesterday via webcam from his home when his children came into to the interview room.

Amazingly, in a video clip which has recently gone viral only, the BBC presenter, James Menendez, and Professor Kelly tried to continue with the interview as Professor Kelly’s four-year-old daughter, Marion entered the room and started grinning playfully at the camera. A little while after Marion entered the interview room, she was soon followed by her nine-month-old brother, James in a walker.

However, the grandmother of these children, Ellen Kelly has now revealed that she thinks she may have been partially responsible for the unexpected incident, even though she found the incident hilarious. Mirror reported that Professor Kelly’s mother and her husband Joseph live in Ohio, in the United States.

Ellen Kelly also revealed that she and her husband regularly communicate with her son and grandchildren in the same room via Skype. “The kids probably heard voices coming from the computer and assumed it was us,” Ellen told Mail Online “It was just hilarious,” she added.

Meanwhile, the brilliant television moment concluded with Professor Kelly’s wife, Jung-a Kim rushing into the room and desperately pulling the children out of the room. But, even with that, the children could be heard yelling as Professor Robert Kelly calmly carried on with his discussion on the South Korean situation, according to Daily record.

The newsreader laughed and thanked Professor Kelly at the end of the segment. He continued to say, “That is a first time for everything. I think you’ve got some children who need you!”

However, even with all the scenes in the interview room, Professor Kelly did not seem to be distracted. A BBC spokesperson later said that there are really grateful to the Professor for the professionalism he displayed. “This just goes to show that live broadcasting isn’t always child’s play,” he added.


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