Photo Credit: Twitter/socialboil

‘Dota 2’ Confirmed To Add Two New Heroes In The Upcoming ‘Dueling Fates’ Update

Photo Credit: Twitter/socialboil
‘Dota 2’ Confirmed To Add Two New Heroes In The Upcoming ‘Dueling Fates’ Update

Latest updates have revealed that “Dota 2” will add two new heroes in the upcoming “Dueling Fates” update. According to reports, Valve announced the addition of the two new heroes last night at its “The International” tournament.

It is reported by Engadget that although this is an interesting update for some of the world’s best “Dota 2” players who are battling at Valve’s “The International” esports tournament, it invariably means They will need to engage in more practice when they get home. Now the company has revealed in the recent announcement that it will be adding add two more characters in the upcoming “The Dueling Fates” update.

Meanwhile, the gaming company is yet to reveal the identity of the two additional heroes but the first hero was seen in the preview trailer attacking enemies with a sword by rolling over them Sonic the Hedgehog-style. It is reported by IGN that he is a stylish armadillo that wields a rapier reminiscent of Zorro.

He was shown in the video jumping around on hills, moving amongst his enemies and destroying them with the swipes of his blade. The second hero, on the other hand, flew in on fairy wings and then released a minion to attack the enemies. Very little was revealed about the second hero. It is believed that the preview video was generally to showcase the abilities of the heroes.

However, the preview video ended by teasing fans that the “Dueling Fates” update will likely roll out shortly after “The International” tournament comes to an end. Gamers believe that the teaser could likely be accurate as it is the usual tradition of the company in terms of releasing updates.

It is reported that the upcoming update is expected to include not only the new heroes but also major balance changes to the game. The new “Dota 2” card game was also announced during “The International” tournament. Other reports suggest that Valve recently allowed artificial intelligence company, Open AI to test the abilities of its Dota playing bot against the most famous player of the game.




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