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Apple To Stream Movie Rentals Shortly After Theatrical Launch

New reports reveal that Apple will likely have access to stream movie rentals shortly after theater debuts. According to reports, streaming movies from services like Netflix and Hulu would no longer be the major option, as Apple is reportedly in negotiation to stream movie rentals shortly after theater debuts. This is an amazing news and if the reports are to be considered, it means that viewers will now have access to stream movies shortly after they hit theaters.

Photo Credit: Twitter/FavaReturns
Apple To Stream Movie Rentals Shortly After Theatrical Launch

However, it is reported that the services will be available for a price. According to TechRadar, distributors like Apple and Comcast in collaboration with other studios like Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures are currently in talks with movie theaters to negotiate the release of new movies few weeks after their theatrical launch.

Meanwhile, not much is known about the upcoming service as the companies are yet to reveal any official statement confirming rumors and updates. According to Engadget, the rentals, which are expected to be available roughly 17 days after their theatrical debut will cost viewers $50, but the cost will be reduced to $30 within four to six weeks after the offer is made. Negotiations are still ongoing and it is still not clear when the service will be available. However, the deal will reportedly be finalized early next year.

This is not the first time Apple has tried to get movies added to its iTunes library quickly after their theatrical launch, as it was also reported in the fall of last year that the company was working on a project of a similar nature.


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