Samsung Galaxy S5 And A Few Other Devices To Recieve August Security Patch

New reports reveal that Samsung Galaxy S5 and several other devices are currently receiving an August security patch. According to reports, Samsung is rolling out an August security patch for the three-year-old phone, and a few other devices. the security update will be completely rolled out sooner rather than later.

Photo Credit: Twitter/GalaxyS6News
Samsung Galaxy S5 And A Few Other Devices To Recieve August Security Patch

It is reported by GSMArena that the developer has already started rolling out the new update to its Galaxy S5 device. The report added that the August security patch arrives as version G900FXXS1CQH1. The memory weight of the new update is about 75MB.

In addition, reports have it that Samsung’s update for its Galaxy S5 is already hitting units of the device in Europe. The security patch is accompanied by Android security and other fixes for the month of August. It is reported that the developer is also rolling out the new security patch for AT&T’s Galaxy S6 smartphones series.

The update arrives as G890AUCS6DQH1, G925AUCS6EQH1, G920AUCS6EQH1, and G928AUCS4EQH1 for the S6 cctive, S6 edge, S6, and S6 edge+, respectively. it also arrives as version N6F27I for the Nexus 6 units on AT&T. Users who are yet to receive the update on their devices are advised to be patient as the roll out is still ongoing. The August security may completely roll out in the coming days.


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