5 Dating Tips Every Man Should Know


The dream of every man is to satisfy and meet the expectations of the woman he is on a date with. Although it is no news that women do everything within their capabilities to look and feel their best when going out on a date, men also go through similar hassles. Many people will ask: “What does a man need to improve his very simple outfit?” But I will say a lot, in fact, a lot more than females.

Whether it is a serious relationship or not, a man should appear and behave in a way that actually accords him some standard and respect in the eyes of the woman he is on a date with. Here are five important dating tips to help men satisfy the expectations of their dates.

Looks, Appearances, and First Impression

The first thing that will be noticed by your date is your appearance. It is believed that the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed. The first impression matters a lot, it goes a long way in determining how your date will see you and if they will love to see you again.

No lady wants to go on a date with someone she will be embarrassed to be spotted with. Your looks in this context do not only have to do with what you wear, it encompasses everything about your physical appearance including facial looks, and posture.

Your face should look well kept and you should not slouch when you stand. Walk with confidence. It is also important to feel comfortable. However, all these will not mean a lot to a lady if you arrive late. It is very important to be punctual as it does not only define what the date means to you, but also how you respect your commitments as a person.

It is rude to keep a lady waiting, men should also decide on what interesting topics they wish to discuss during the date. Topics should be interesting and comfortable for the woman so as to avoid boredom during the date.

Be a Good Listener

No lady wants to be on a date with a man who is so overwhelmed with himself. You should avoid talking about issues that have to do with you and your work. Talk about something that is generally interesting for both men and women.

If you talk continuously without giving your date any room for her to express herself, it may feel like you are not interested in her opinion and less often, it makes ladies feel like they are treated inferior. It could also be interpreted to mean you are not interested in her opinion.

Ladies feel secured when it looks like their contribution is important and valued. You should also not talk about anything that says she is a lesser human. Making her comfortable is the key. Men on a date should also avoid talking too much about their achievement in life and how much they are worth.

Although it is not bad to say one or two things to impress your date, it is a lowly attitude to continuously and repeatedly remind a woman that you are a perfect catch. Humility should be your watchword.

Be Open If your date requires knowing about something that is not too personal for a first date or considering how long you have been to together, it is best to let it all out. Letting it all out, however, does not mean you should say even unnecessary things. Saying little, that explains a lot is a good way to satisfy the curiosity of a woman.

As most people already know, a little misery that should be revealed intermittently is also a very good thing for relationships. Misery keeps most ladies coming back for more, as it is a natural instinct of humans to be curious. Feel free to share the necessary things about yourself, just enough to make a lady feel comfortable, trusted and reliable.


Although it is very tempting, men should avoid showing too much concern about the bill. It is preferable to avoid making payments with cash. Using credit/debit cards will help you avoid the stress of counting cash. The way you approach issues that have to do with cost and payments will go a long way in determining how secure your date will feel.

But this does not also mean you should be extravagant, as it could be translated to mean that you are trying to show off your financial capabilities. Try as much as possible to eat or drink something that correlates with the type of date you are on. Avoid eating something messy or smelly. Also, ask if your date has any allergy attached to being around such things. You should always pay all bills even if your date insists on footing the bills.

Support Your Date

It is very important to lead in every way as most ladies like to be around men who are in charge. However, you must be careful not to overdo it. Leading does not mean being superior, instead, it means being in a situation to help, support and take good care of whoever you are leading. Do not allow your date to do hard things by herself.

You should always be willing to help your date even in doing a simple task like picking up a handkerchief. Do not be overprotective. You should always allow your date to make her own choices and respect her choices no matter how stupid it may seem to you. Never make her feel inferior.

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