Free Amazon Echo Dot Canceled

Amazon Echo Dot

New reports reveal that Amazon has canceled the free Echo Dot. According to reports, the developer has concluded plans to cancel the free Echo Dot and has announced that the promotion is no longer in existence.

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This update did not seem very pleasing to many Echo Dot users, as the free Echo Dot promotion received a warm welcome among many Amazon fans. However, it will appear that the developer is not willing to take a different stand on this issue.

It is reported by Engadget that Amazon announced that it is canceling the zero-cost orders for the Echo Dot. The report added that the developer stated that the update informing customers about the free small smart speaker was a technical error

Meanwhile, other reports have revealed that fans who seized the opportunity after the surprise audible discount for the Amazon Echo Dot will not lose it all. This is because Amazon noted that it has resolved to give would-be buyers a $5 promotional credit.

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