Apple To Incorporate LTE Functionality In Its Upcoming Watch 3; Device May Launch Next Month

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Apple To Incorporate LTE Functionality In Its Upcoming Watch 3; Device May Launch Next Month

New reports reveal that Apple is planning on adding LTE support to its upcoming smartwatch. According to reports, the watch 3 will likely launch with an LTE support feature. As fans already know, the addition of LTE support feature will now allow users of the upcoming device to perform tasks that previously require connection to a nearby iPhone even with such connections.

This is an interesting news for Apple Watch fans as they can now purchase and use the upcoming watch even when they do not own an iPhone. It is reported by TechRadar that a source recently revealed that the developer is currently working on a version of its smartwatch that has the capability to tap into cellular networks even without a mobile device.

The report also stated that the new device in question is most likely the upcoming highly anticipated Apple Watch 3. Although other reports are suggesting otherwise, the device is expected to be launched before the fall of 2017. There have been lots of leaks and rumors about the smartwatch but the developer is yet to release an official statement with regards to the specs and features of the upcoming device.

According to Peoplenetv, there is a possibility for the upcoming Apple Watch to launch alongside Apple’s 2017 flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8, which is expected to launch in the coming months. The report also states that the LTE support that will likely be incorporated in the apple watch 3 will allow the device to make calls, stream songs, send messages, use ride apps like Uber, download information from maps, and much more.

Other reports have revealed that the developer plans to partner with Intel in order to source the LTE modems for the upcoming device. The discussion with regards to the sale and distribution of the upcoming LTE supported device is reportedly ongoing with The United States and European service providers including Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

However, it is speculated by tech enthusiasts that the highly anticipated smartwatch would likely face battery issues because of the addition of LTE functionality, but reports state that fans need not worry as the developer is working actively to prevent the battery power from running out too quickly. The upcoming smartwatch is expected run the WatchOS 4 as the developer has already revealed that the operating system for the new watch will arrive before the fall of this year.


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