Apple’s Leaked Firmware Reveals That The Next iPhone Will Bring Infrared Face Unlock Feature

Latest updates state that Apple next generation iPhone will bring an infrared face unlock feature. According to reports, Apple’s leaked firmware has revealed important details, which claims that the upcoming iPhone, popularly referred to as the iPhone 8 will introduce a 3D face scanning feature.

This is in line with previous rumors and leaks that have already suggested that Apple’s flagship device, which is expected to launch before the fall of 2017, will feature a large, tiny bezel display and a 3D face scanning feature. However, all the rumors have now been clarified by details obtained from Apple’s leaked firmware. It is reported by The Verge that the developer mistakenly pushed out the firmware for the HomePod yesterday and developers have been trying to unlock the codes ever since.

According to a recent report by Engadget, iOS developer, Steve Troughton-Smith uncovered the details, while searching for information with regards to Apple’s HomePod in its leaked firmware. The details confirm that the developer will incorporate infrared face unlock in “BiometricKit” for the next generation iPhone. The codes also reveal how the LED lights on the top of the device would work.

Furthermore, the report stated that another developer, Guilherme Rambo also discovered in the same firmware, an icon that that suggest the possibility of a near bezel-less display for the upcoming smartphone. This also confirmed previous rumors about the bezel-less feature for the next iPhone.

The report added that the display is almost edge-to-edge and extends up to the top of the upcoming iPhone to the speaker and sensors. The new details are said to be the first confirmation of the leaks and rumors about Apple’s next generation iPhone. Other rumors suggest that the device will also feature a glass back, and a wireless charging feature. There have been lots of rumors with regards to the touch ID for the upcoming device but many tech enthusiasts are happy that the recent update has now confirmed the face unlocking feature.

Details recovered from the codes also suggest that the leaks with regards to the Touch ID is genuine but it is still not clear if the developer will continue with the feature. Although the developer is yet to confirm the current speculation, it is believed that the uncovered information is genuine. However, fans will be able to discover more before the device launches in a couple of months time.

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