Twitter Bans Crypto Ads Following Similar Announcements From Facebook And Google

Twitter has joined Facebook to ban crypto marketing on its site, crypto exchanges will also be banned from advertising, with some exceptions. The development came after a similar announcement by digital giants Google this month and Facebook in January. The report also said that Twitter will put a lock on ads for crypto wallets, initials coin offerings (ICOs), and digital token sales as reported by Reuters. The high interest in bitcoin and other cryptos in the last year has garnered great attention, coupled with the possibility of scams and frauds.

Billions of dollars have been raised by companies with ICOs by offering initial bonuses as well as crowdfunding through crypto assets. It is believed that these cannot be literarily referred to as fraud but they actually are if technically considered. This is because most of these companies do not have any source of revenue, customers or even a product, real or virtual. It is no news that such companies are not safe for investment and putting cash into them may lead to substantial losses compared to those incurred in the traditional stock market.

Financial experts have invested their time and resources into educating people of the risk involved in putting cash into cryptocurrency investment. Many other companies and financial institution are also absolving themselves from anything that has to do with these virtual currencies. It is reported that Snap has also followed the same path by banning advertisements for ICOs. Social media and technology companies also hold the same view as they are restricting the ads.

Now, Twitter has also made an announcement with regards to cryptocurrency ads on its platform. However, the CEO of Twitter does not seem to hold the same opinion as he is reported to have said to The Sunday Times that bitcoin will rapidly grow to become 


Website Brokerage: What it entails

Brokerage or a brokerage company is a financial institution that focuses on enhancing the smooth sale of stocks and other financial securities between two individuals. In other words, brokerage firms exist to help buyers and sellers who want to trade social securities in their quest.

The main duty of brokers is to serve as a bridge between the buyers and the sellers in other to facilitate the smooth sail of the transaction. There are several types of brokerage including but not limited to real estate brokerage, stock brokerage, and website brokerage.

Other types of brokerage are discount brokerage, online brokerage, captive brokerage and independent brokerage. These firms are authorized to trade financial securities for both sellers and buyers. Although brokers are mostly employed by the sellers, buyers can also engage the services of a broker.


Brokerage firms are rewarded for their services by means of commission, which is also referred to as transaction fee at the successful completion of the transaction. However, there are times where the prospective buyer and the seller employ the services of different brokers. In such a situation, the two brokerage firms will have to divide the commission at the end of the transaction.

Website brokerage involves providing the services of a middleman to buyers and sellers in the sale of an online business. Website brokerage firms focus on representing one party to the transaction or both to make a sale through the aid of its broker agents. The main aim of this type of brokerage is to serve as a facilitator, by bringing website buyers and the sellers together. These type of firms, as the name implies, focus on the sale of websites, and online business including e-commerce stores, eBay or Amazon business, and other online properties.

It is believed that the delicacy involved in selling an online business is higher when compared to that of selling other tangible properties. This reason especially makes it pertinent to engage the services of a brokerage firm when a person intends to either buy or sell an online business. Many brokerage enthusiasts believe that hiring a broker is important as they are already conversant with the market and procedures, which will go a long way in ensuring that sellers and buyers get the right purchase price for an online property.


Furthermore, given their role and experience in the industry, brokerage firms have the necessary resources and tools to reach the highest number of targeted buyers within the shortest period of time. They can also help to check the prospective buyers in or order to ascertain the one whose price will best favor the objectives of the seller. Meanwhile, without engaging the services of a broker, a seller may find it extremely difficult to find the right buyer and sell the property for the appropriate price.

In addition, employing a broker will go a long way in helping sellers with the structuring and financing of the sale memorandum. It is important to state that many brokerage firms invest quality time in researching the markets so as to provide sellers with appropriate recommendations. They also provide free consultations in order to enlighten sellers on products, prices, and market conditions.

Since the main aim of hiring the service of a broker is to help the sellers of online properties get their assets sold to the right buyers for the price they desire, most brokerage firms conduct a comprehensive consultation with online business owners in order to ascertain their expectations. Afterward, a sale strategy based oAfterwarder’s expectation is drafted to provide sellers with maximum satisfaction. If the valuation is below seller’s expectation, some brokerage companies also provide additional services and tips to help grow his/her business.

Meanwhile, it is trite that brokerage transaction fee erodes the profits sellerS gets from selling their online property. For this reason, it is advised that buyers and sellers who want to engage the services of a brokerage firm should first consider the cost of the brokerage services and then consider only firms who offer the best services for the lowest cost. This can be achieved by comparing and researching products, transaction fees, customer service, benefits, quality of services offered, and the track record of the company.

Samsung Galaxy S5 And A Few Other Devices To Recieve August Security Patch

New reports reveal that Samsung Galaxy S5 and several other devices are currently receiving an August security patch. According to reports, Samsung is rolling out an August security patch for the three-year-old phone, and a few other devices. the security update will be completely rolled out sooner rather than later.

Photo Credit: Twitter/GalaxyS6News

Samsung Galaxy S5 And A Few Other Devices To Recieve August Security Patch

It is reported by GSMArena that the developer has already started rolling out the new update to its Galaxy S5 device. The report added that the August security patch arrives as version G900FXXS1CQH1. The memory weight of the new update is about 75MB.

In addition, reports have it that Samsung’s update for its Galaxy S5 is already hitting units of the device in Europe. The security patch is accompanied by Android security and other fixes for the month of August. It is reported that the developer is also rolling out the new security patch for AT&T’s Galaxy S6 smartphones series.

The update arrives as G890AUCS6DQH1, G925AUCS6EQH1, G920AUCS6EQH1, and G928AUCS4EQH1 for the S6 cctive, S6 edge, S6, and S6 edge+, respectively. it also arrives as version N6F27I for the Nexus 6 units on AT&T. Users who are yet to receive the update on their devices are advised to be patient as the roll out is still ongoing. The August security may completely roll out in the coming days.

Where To Watch The Mayweather-McGregor Fight; Dwayne ‘The Rock’ To Intro The Match

New reports suggest that Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as “The Rock” will do the intro voiceover for the upcoming super-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night. According to reports, the actor, who is also a former professional wrestler made this details known on social media just a few hours before the fight, which is scheduled to hold in Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Channelstv

Where To Watch The Mayweather-McGregor Fight; Dwayne ‘The Rock’ To Intro The Match

“I connected with my boy Conor this week. His intentions go far beyond his extraordinary skill. Like Mayweather, not only does he want to put on an epic performance for the world, but there’s a real visceral, raw, warrior mana (spirit) that he has in his blood,” Dwayne stated.

He added that the only way to gain respect is to earn it. The rock continued to say “Let’s get after it boys and may the best man win. #MayweatherMcGregor #TheWorldIsWatching #WarriorMana TONIGHT.”

It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter that the event will cost fans $99.95 for HD. The highly awaited super fight is finally here and is expected to air on Saturday, August 26, at 9 p.m. ET. It will also be broadcast live on Showtime’s pay-per-view from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

However, fans can order the fight on TV, or through Showtime’s mobile application at $89.95 for standard definition and $99.95 for high definition as already stated above. The fight can also be ordered online.

The Mayweather and McGregor match, which is based on over $600 million is believed to be the most heavily bet-on fight in the history of boxing. The evening’s event is scheduled to commence at 6 p.m., live on Pay-Per-View.

Xbox One X And Project Scorpio Edition Pre Order Now Live: See Best Deals Here!

New reports reveal that Microsoft’s Xbox One X is now available for pre order. We stated in our previous post that the developer will likely open pre orders for its 4K Xbox during its Gamescom Livestream and it sure did. According to reports, Microsoft also announced a limited version of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition during the Livestream last weekend. The pre-order for the One X Project Scorpio edition is also live.

Xbox One X Pre Order Now Live: See Best Deals Here!

However, it is reported by TechRadar that only a few retailers still have the console listed for pre order on their website. Many retailers have already listed the console as “sold out” and closed pre order due to the high level of demand for the new console. Fans who are interested in purchasing the Xbox One X are advised to make their move now as pre orders may be completely closed sooner rather than later.
Pre orders are currently live at retail stores listed below.

Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Tesco with £20 first deposit
Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Argos

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Meanwhile, fans may also check out the closed pre order deals below as there is a possibility that any of it will be reopened just like we have already seen with a few. It is reported that pre orders are opened and then closed intermittently by the retailers listed below.

Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Microsoft
Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Game
Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Argos
Xbox One X pre-order $499.99 from Walmart
Xbox One X pre-order $499 from Microsoft

Both Amazon US and Amazon UK have already sold out the Xbox One X and closed pre-orders for now. As already mentioned above, it is best to keep watch just in case the console is back in stock for pre orders. However, it is reported that Xbox One X pre-orders are currently available at GameStop USA but the deal might not be as favorable as fans may want it to be. Check back for details as we will post updates if pre orders go live at any of the retail stores mentioned above.

Zika Virus Weakens The Immune System Of Pregnant Women To Harm Babies

A new study by researchers at Keck School of Medicine of USC finds that Zika virus is linked to high risk of miscarriages, congenital birth defects and suppressing the immune system of a pregnant woman, thus allowing the virus to spread further and increase the chances of birth defect or harm to an unborn baby.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Indian_Science

Zika Virus Weakens The Immune System Of Pregnant Women To Harm Babies

According to reports, the researchers discovered that the disease stifles the weakened immune system of a pregnant woman and then cause harm to the baby. It is reported by Science Daily that the lead author of the research Suan-Sin Foo said the findings of the new study is an active step towards improving the condition of pregnant women that are infected with Zika virus and their unborn babies.

The report added that senior author of the study, professor and chair of the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the Keck School of Medicine, Jae Jung said the research is the first to discover that the virus targets certain white blood cells in the body of Zika-infected pregnant women, thereby suppressing the immune system in a way that is similar to that of HIV.

“Pregnant women are more susceptible to Zika virus because pregnancy naturally suppresses a woman’s immune system so her body doesn’t reject the fetus – essentially it’s a foreign object. Our study shows pregnant women are more prone to immune suppression. Zika exploits that weakness to infect and replicate,” Jung said.

Previous studies conducted by the researchers on the topic identified two specific Zika proteins that are associated with microcephaly. It is reported by Medical Express that it was the first step towards preventing the birth of babies with abnormally small heads to Zika-infected mothers. The Pan American Health Organization noted that up to 3,000 cases microcephaly has been reported in women that were infected with the virus when pregnant.

While conducting the previous study, the authors tested the African and Asian Zika virus strains in blood samples of pregnant women, non-pregnant women, and healthy men who were between the age of 18 and 39. Interestingly, the researchers found that the Asian Zika virus is far more pernicious during the first and second trimester of pregnancy. They stated that this is when the disease suppresses the immune system.

However, the blood of both pregnant women and non-pregnant women that are infected with Zika virus is almost the same. Meanwhile, in the new study, the authors analyzed the blood samples of 30 Asian Zika-infected pregnant women – 10 from each of the three trimesters. They compared it with that of 15 pregnant women – 5 from each trimester that were not infected with the virus.

They found an abnormally high expression of the ADAMTS9 and FN1 genes generally linked to pregnancy complications. While ADAMTS9 is said to be associated with the birth of underweight newborns and complicated delivery, FN1 is associated with womb abnormalities that lead to small babies and pre-eclampsia. The researchers published their findings on August 14, in Nature Microbiology.

Mercedes Electric Car Concept: Automaker Uses Art Deco Inspiration For Vision 6

New reports reveal that Mercedes uses art deco inspiration for its electric car concept. According to reports, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is more than six meters long, which is about 20 feet. The cabriolet features a single line that reportedly runs the length of the vehicle.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Team_Pascalhz

Mercedes Electric Car Concept: Automaker Uses Art Deco Inspiration For Vision 6

It is reported Engadget, that the back of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach is inspired by yachts and called a boat tail. It is believed that the automaker is trying to keep history alive as judging from the exterior of the vehicle, it looks very much like luxury vehicles from the ’30s. Although not much is known about the Vision 6 vehicle, it is believed that it will cost similar to other vehicles in the line.

If this vision is realized, it is believed that the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet will feature powerful specs. Meanwhile, the cabriolet is expected to use electrons instead of gas. The vision 6 will feature all-wheel drive as well as four compact permanent magnet synchronous electric motors that deliver 750 horsepower.

According to reports, it delivers zero to 60 under four seconds coupled with a top speed geared at 155 miles per hour. Mercedes stated that the vehicle features a flat battery pack incorporated at its base to keep the vehicle on the road for up to 200 miles. The automaker also teases that the addition of DC fast charging will allow the vehicle to be charged to allow it go up to 60 miles in five minutes.

Engadget stated in its post that while the exterior of the Vision 6 is from the time of Al Capone, the vehicle’s interior is futuristic in almost every regard. The report added that the upcoming vehicle features a design that is similar to that of the Mercedes EQ SUV. The Vision 6 will also feature a functionality that allows it to share information such as time, location, and upcoming events with drivers and passengers.

the Vehicle is expected to have touchscreen controls but will likely not sport the pulsing blue wires seen at the front of the vehicle used to display the energy usage of the car. However, it is still not clear whether the Vision 6 will make it to the production stage, given the history of most concept vehicle. Mercedes is also yet to reveal any official detail in this regard.

Google Home Just Added Support For Free Spotify Streaming

Latest updates reveal that Google Home has added support for free Spotify streaming service. According to reports, Google announced that it has added support for free Spotify streaming service to its smart home device. This is an amazing update for Google Home users and it also shows the developer’s commitment to making users comfortable.

Photo Credit: Twitter/basavrajmb

Google Home Just Added Support For Free Spotify Streaming

It is reported by TechRadar that although the free version of Spotify still gives frugal listeners an array of music, it is amazing to know that paying an additional $9.99 (£9.99 or AU$11.99) every month will allow users to listen to unlimited music on any device. Meanwhile, the new update also states that Spotify noted that it is removing this barrier for Google home, thus making the service free for users.

The company announced that Google’s smart speaker users will now have the access to stream Spotify for free using either free or Premium account. It is believed that the new update is advantageous to Google Home against competitors including the Amazon Echo speakers that still require users to have a Premium account in order to play Spotify tunes.

Google Home users who are interested in activating Spotify on their smart speakers will have to link their Spotify accounts to the smart device through the Google Home app. After that, users will need to set Spotify as the primary music streaming service via the application. It is reported that once the process is complete, google home users will be able to use voice commands to control almost everything including starting Spotify, knowing what artist is playing and enjoying favorite hand-crafted jams.

Furthermore, the new feature is only supported for users in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United States and the United Kingdom. It is being reported that while Google Home users can now enjoy Spotify for free, the barrier of the ad-supported Spotify, which allows users to play music on radio-style is still existing. Google Home users will have to upgrade to Spotify premium to enjoy unlimited control over tunes.

Microsoft May Launch Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition In The Coming Weeks

Latest updates suggest that Xbox fans would likely lay hands on the Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio Edition sooner rather than later as Microsoft is currently working actively on the device. According to reports, the developer would likely launch a special Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition very soon. The new report comes courtesy of leaks posted on two German retail websites.

Photo Credit: Twitter/IGNDeals

Microsoft May Launch Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio Edition In The Coming Weeks

However, it is reported by TechRadar that the listing which appeared on the websites have since been pull out by its owners. The report added that the leaks revealed that the developers will likely launch a unique version of the 4K-capable console any moment from now. As fans already know, Project Scorpio was the codename of the Xbox One X, it is now believed that the upcoming console could be a special edition of its predecessor.

Photos of the upcoming console were gathered by XboxDynasty from the websites before it was taken down. According to the leaked images, the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition sports a blacked-out controller along with “Project Scorpio” in its middle in an electric green font. As readers can see, the console is also designed with similar markings with a seemingly textured, meshy finish different from the matte plastic casing of its predecessor.

It is believed that the upcoming the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition will likely be a limited-run console just like the Day One Edition that the developer released for Xbox One. The developer is also expected to reveal Xbox One X pre-orders information during its Gamescom 2017 press event scheduled for today Sunday, August 20, at 9 pm CEST / 8 pm GMT / 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT. Reports have it that Microsoft will open pre-orders immediately after the event. There is a possibility that the developer will also unveil the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition during Gamescom.

Study Finds That Long-term Testosterone Therapy Could Boost Urinary Health And Sexual Function

Long-term testosterone therapy may improve urinary, sexual function and the overall quality of life, a new study finds. According to reports, the new study finds a significant improvement in urinary and sexual function as well as the quality of life in hypogonadal men that undergo long-term testosterone replacement therapy.

Meanwhile, it is reported by Eurekalert that other men may experience an array of immediate signs and symptoms as a result of a medical condition known as male hypogonadism or Testosterone Deficiency (TD). The condition is linked to low levels of testosterone and symptoms may range from low energy, erectile dysfunction, depression, fatigue, to an increased risk of diabetes.

The study which was conducted by researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and Public Health (BUSPH) in collaboration with a group of urologists in Germany, investigated the effects of long-term testosterone replacement therapy on sexual function, urinary health and the overall quality of life in men that has been diagnosed with symptomatic testosterone deficiency.

It is reported that the new study involved 650 men who were in their 50s and 60s. While some of the participants had unexplained testosterone deficiency, the hypogonadism of others was as a result of known genetic and autoimmune causes. “It is thought that testosterone treatment in men may increase the prostate size and worsen lower urinary tract symptoms,” professor of urology at BUSM, Abdulmaged Traish, Ph.D., said.

Interestingly the researchers found that even with an increased prostate size, there were fewer urinary symptoms like incomplete bladder emptying, frequent urination, weak urinary stream and waking up at night to urinate in the group of participants who received testosterone therapy.

Furthermore, the authors also discovered in an objective test that this group of participants emptied their bladders more fully compared to those that did not receive testosterone treatment. The therapy also lead to an increase in sexual health and the overall quality of life. The researchers published their findings in the Journal of Urology.