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Daniel Craig To Reprise The James Bond Role In ‘Bond 25’

Photo Credit: Twitter@SVNmagazine

Latest update reveals that Daniel Craig has confirmed that he will reprise his role as James Bond in an upcoming “Bond” movie. According to reports, the actor recently confirmed that he will be returning to his James Bond role. It is reported that Craig…

WWE Network To Launch Next Week in China

New updates reveal that WWE network will be launching soon in China. According to reports, WWE and PPTV announced earlier today that WWE Network will now be available in China. This is an amazing news for WWE fans as this is the first time…

Avengers 4 Enters Into Production; Movie To Debut In 2019

Photo Credit: Twitter/MCU_Tweets

Latest updates suggest that the Russo Brothers have entered into production of the upcoming “Avengers 4.” According to reports, Marvel has already commenced the production of “Avengers 4.” This news came even before the debut of the previous installment of the franchise. It is…

Disney To Pull Its Movies From Netflix, Company Plans To Launch Streaming Service In 2019

Photo Credit: Twitter/AlexMsilverman

New updates reveal that Disney is about to pull all its movies from Netflix. According to reports, Disney has announced that it is pulling its movies from Netflix. It is reported that this is primarily because Disney is planning on launching its own streaming…

Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D To Recieve A Global Premiere At Venice Film Festival 2017

Photo Credit: Twitter/people

New reports state that Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D will world premiere at Film Festival 2017 which is scheduled to hold at Venice. According to reports, the Thriller 3D of the late singer/songwriter is expected to world premiere at this year’s Venice Film Festival. This…

Taylor Swift To Testify In Groping Case; Singer Promises To Donate Any Awarded Damages To Charity

Twitter Credit: Twitter/GustBrian

New reports suggest that Taylor Swift will likely testify in the upcoming groping case. According to reports, the “Shake It Off” singer will testify in the groping case which is expected to last about two weeks. It is also reported that opening statements could…

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Are Getting Divorced; Couple Believes It Is For The Best


Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are separating! Latest updates reveal that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris has officially announced their separation. According to reports, the couple recently announced that they are getting legally separated. This came as a sad news to many Chris Pratt…

HBO Hacked! Leaked Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Goes Viral Online

Photo Credit: Twitter/urstrulysoumya

New reports reveal that a complete episode of season 7 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has leaked online. According to reports, an episode of the series which is expected to premiere Sunday has recently leaked online. The episode 4 of the seventh season of…

Netflix’s Original Series, Narcos Returns With A New Trailer


New reports reveal that Netflix’s crime series, Narcos is back. According to reports, a new trailer has just been released for the upcoming season of the series. Narcos is a Netflix original drama Set and filmed in Colombia. Season 1 of the crime drama…

Kristen Stewart Open to Dating Men Again; Missing Robert Pattinson?

Photo Credit: Twitter/BazaarUK

New reports state that Kristen Stewart would be open to dating men again. According to reports, the actress recently revealed that she would be open to dating men again in the future. Does this mean that she misses her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson? As fans…

Jennifer Aniston To Make A Grand Comeback To The Small Screen; Getting Revenge On Jolie?

Photo Credit: Twitter/Variety

Latest updates reveal that Jennifer Aniston is about to make a grand television comeback. According to reports, the actress will be making a huge comeback to the small screen in an upcoming television show. However, it is reported that the actress will not be…

5 Dating Tips Every Man Should Know

The dream of every man is to satisfy and meet the expectations of the woman he is on a date with. Although it is no news that women do everything within their capabilities to look and feel their best when going out on a…

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