Xbox One X And Project Scorpio Edition Pre Order Now Live: See Best Deals Here!

New reports reveal that Microsoft’s Xbox One X is now available for pre order. We stated in our previous post that the developer will likely open pre orders for its 4K Xbox during its Gamescom Livestream and it sure did. According to reports, Microsoft also announced a limited version of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition during the Livestream last weekend. The pre-order for the One X Project Scorpio edition is also live.

Xbox One X Pre Order Now Live: See Best Deals Here!

However, it is reported by TechRadar that only a few retailers still have the console listed for pre order on their website. Many retailers have already listed the console as “sold out” and closed pre order due to the high level of demand for the new console. Fans who are interested in purchasing the Xbox One X are advised to make their move now as pre orders may be completely closed sooner rather than later.
Pre orders are currently live at retail stores listed below.

Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Tesco with £20 first deposit
Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Argos

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Meanwhile, fans may also check out the closed pre order deals below as there is a possibility that any of it will be reopened just like we have already seen with a few. It is reported that pre orders are opened and then closed intermittently by the retailers listed below.

Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Microsoft
Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Game
Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Argos
Xbox One X pre-order $499.99 from Walmart
Xbox One X pre-order $499 from Microsoft

Both Amazon US and Amazon UK have already sold out the Xbox One X and closed pre-orders for now. As already mentioned above, it is best to keep watch just in case the console is back in stock for pre orders. However, it is reported that Xbox One X pre-orders are currently available at GameStop USA but the deal might not be as favorable as fans may want it to be. Check back for details as we will post updates if pre orders go live at any of the retail stores mentioned above.


Microsoft May Launch Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition In The Coming Weeks

Latest updates suggest that Xbox fans would likely lay hands on the Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio Edition sooner rather than later as Microsoft is currently working actively on the device. According to reports, the developer would likely launch a special Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition very soon. The new report comes courtesy of leaks posted on two German retail websites.

Photo Credit: Twitter/IGNDeals

Microsoft May Launch Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio Edition In The Coming Weeks

However, it is reported by TechRadar that the listing which appeared on the websites have since been pull out by its owners. The report added that the leaks revealed that the developers will likely launch a unique version of the 4K-capable console any moment from now. As fans already know, Project Scorpio was the codename of the Xbox One X, it is now believed that the upcoming console could be a special edition of its predecessor.

Photos of the upcoming console were gathered by XboxDynasty from the websites before it was taken down. According to the leaked images, the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition sports a blacked-out controller along with “Project Scorpio” in its middle in an electric green font. As readers can see, the console is also designed with similar markings with a seemingly textured, meshy finish different from the matte plastic casing of its predecessor.

It is believed that the upcoming the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition will likely be a limited-run console just like the Day One Edition that the developer released for Xbox One. The developer is also expected to reveal Xbox One X pre-orders information during its Gamescom 2017 press event scheduled for today Sunday, August 20, at 9 pm CEST / 8 pm GMT / 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT. Reports have it that Microsoft will open pre-orders immediately after the event. There is a possibility that the developer will also unveil the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition during Gamescom.

‘Dota 2’ Confirmed To Add Two New Heroes In The Upcoming ‘Dueling Fates’ Update

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‘Dota 2’ Confirmed To Add Two New Heroes In The Upcoming ‘Dueling Fates’ Update

Latest updates have revealed that “Dota 2” will add two new heroes in the upcoming “Dueling Fates” update. According to reports, Valve announced the addition of the two new heroes last night at its “The International” tournament.

It is reported by Engadget that although this is an interesting update for some of the world’s best “Dota 2” players who are battling at Valve’s “The International” esports tournament, it invariably means They will need to engage in more practice when they get home. Now the company has revealed in the recent announcement that it will be adding add two more characters in the upcoming “The Dueling Fates” update.

Meanwhile, the gaming company is yet to reveal the identity of the two additional heroes but the first hero was seen in the preview trailer attacking enemies with a sword by rolling over them Sonic the Hedgehog-style. It is reported by IGN that he is a stylish armadillo that wields a rapier reminiscent of Zorro.

He was shown in the video jumping around on hills, moving amongst his enemies and destroying them with the swipes of his blade. The second hero, on the other hand, flew in on fairy wings and then released a minion to attack the enemies. Very little was revealed about the second hero. It is believed that the preview video was generally to showcase the abilities of the heroes.

However, the preview video ended by teasing fans that the “Dueling Fates” update will likely roll out shortly after “The International” tournament comes to an end. Gamers believe that the teaser could likely be accurate as it is the usual tradition of the company in terms of releasing updates.

It is reported that the upcoming update is expected to include not only the new heroes but also major balance changes to the game. The new “Dota 2” card game was also announced during “The International” tournament. Other reports suggest that Valve recently allowed artificial intelligence company, Open AI to test the abilities of its Dota playing bot against the most famous player of the game.



Nintendo Sued By Gamevice Over Switch’s Detachable Controllers

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Nintendo To Sued By Gamevice Over Switch’s Detachable Controllers

New reports suggest that Nintendo is currently facing a lawsuit over its Switch’s detachable controllers. According to reports, the technology company is being sued by Gamevice for the alleged violation of a patent for concepts used in the Wikipad – the accessory maker’s gaming-oriented Android slate. It is reported that this is in addition to its namesake add-on controllers for mobile phones and tablets.

It is reported by Engadget that the lawsuit claims that the Nintendo Switch and its detachable Joy-Con controllers are very similar to Gamevice’s vision, which is a combination of removable game controller and a device with a flexible bridge section. The report also stated that the lawsuit pleads to the court to award damages for the breach as well as ban the tech company from continuing further switch sales.

In addition, Gamevice is requesting Nintendo to cover all costs incurred as a result of the lawsuit. It is reported by Digitaltrends via Yahoo that both Gamevice and Nintendo are yet to make any official public statement about the lawsuit.

Since the Nintendo Switch launched a few months back, retailers have found it extremely difficult to keep the console in stock due to high demands from gamers. Now, the lawsuit claims patent violation and requires discontinuation of the production and sale of the device. It is reported that the Wikipad and Gamevice controllers sport dual analog sticks, as well as an analog D-pad with shoulder buttons.

The controllers also feature four analog buttons and the controllers allow gamers to have access to numerous games at a time by connecting to mobile phones or tablets. It is being reported that the major difference between Gamevice’s accessories and the Nintendo Switch is that the latter is intended to be a hybrid between TV and portable consoles.

However, this is not the first time the gaming company has faced a lawsuit with regards to patent violations. Philips reportedly filed a lawsuit against Nintendo in 2014. The company requested the court to issue an injunction to shut down production of the Nintendo Wii U because of alleged patent infringements.

Square Enix And AMD To Give Out Free Indie Games With New GPUs

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AMD has launched two new high-end graphics cards for its Radeon RX Vega line

New reports reveal that AMD and Square Enix are giving indie games along with new GPUs. According to reports, the tech companies are giving out indie games with new GPUs. This is an interesting update for gamers as they will have free games to enjoy with the new graphics card.

It is reported by Engadget that the motive behind the giveaway is primarily because AMD wants to make sure that owners of the new graphics card have something unique to play with. Meanwhile, the report also stated that the new AMD4U program from the tech company is in collaboration with publisher Square Enix.

According to other reports, the AMD4U program exclusively features games from the publisher’s collective initiative for indie developers. Fans who purchase and register their GPU will be eligible for up to three free PDF games. It is reported that the free games will include Black the Fall and Tokyo Dark (above).

Furthermore, reports have it that the benefits of the AMD4U program are two-fold for gamers. This is because while players will be entitled to free and unique games to enjoy with their graphics card, smaller developers will also be able to get their wares to reach a whole new audience.

Although indie games do not necessarily tend to put graphics cards to the test the same way typical pack-in games do, they offer exclusive experiences that users will not find with the typical high-budget AAA fare. There are not yet many details about the AMD4U program but fans should stay tuned for more updates.




Sony To Add 1080p 60FPS Twitch Streaming Support To Firmware Update 5.0

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Sony To Add 1080p 60FPS Twitch Streaming Support To Firmware Update 5.0

Latest updates suggest that PS4 Pro users will get 1080p 60FPS Twitch streaming in next firmware update. According to reports, Sony plans to add 1080p 60fps Twitch streaming support for the upcoming PS4 Firmware Update 5.0. There have been lots of rumors with regards to the new PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0 and users are eager to know what the upcoming update has in store for them.

New details have now surfaced online suggesting that the firmware update 5.0 will likely include 1080p 60fps Twitch streaming support feature. This is an amazing news for PS4 Pro users. It is reported by Engadget that even though the developer has previously hint users that the 5.0 firmware update for its PS4 Pro will include the 1080p 60fps Twitch streaming support, many tech enthusiasts are not clear as to what it really entails.

However, the report stated that the 1080p 60fps Twitch streaming support will give PS4 Pro users the option to broadcast their gaming on Twitch at a rate of 60 frames per second. It is believed that this is an important feature for users who intend to broadcast a fighting or shooter game at the same frame rate as that on television. Meanwhile, the addition of 1080p 60fps Twitch streaming support feature to the 5.0 firmware update will now give users the option to create multiple adult accounts, according to IGN.

Furthermore, the upcoming update will allow users to set parental controls on a per-account basis and also the ability to follow anyone’s account without the need for a friendship request. This is regardless of whether it is a popular developer or a gaming figure. Details about the upcoming update were acquired from Eurogamer. The publication stated that it recently obtained a copy of the update’s release notes.

The publication noted that the developer is doing this to encourage more sharing of content and more interactions among players and boost the viral potential of UGC for game developers. Users’ notification will reportedly be available on the Quick Menu to minimize the stress associated with continuously going back to the home screen. Users will also have the option to block users, and choose whether they want to give everyone or just friends the ability to follow their account.

Additionally, reports have it that the developer intends to launch the 5.0 firmware update along with a revamped PlayStation App. Sony took sign-ups for beta testing back in July but it is still not clear when the 5.0 firmware update will be available.



Nintendo Rolls Out System Update That Fixes Switch’s Battery Indicator Issue, But With One Proviso

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Nintendo Rolls Out System Update That Fixes Switch’s Battery Indicator Issue, But With One Proviso

New reports reveal that Nintendo has released a new system update for its Switch console. According to reports, the developer has rolled out a new system update that fixes some issues that were previously encountered by Switch users. The new system update is currently available for interested users to install.

It is reported that although many Switch users have not experienced any issue with the console since it launched some few months back, other have noticed a battery indicator issue since they first purchased the device till date. The report also states that the bug makes the Switch’s battery indicator to quickly drop from a full charge to below 10%. Although even with the indicator error, the console continues to work normally. The bug only prevents the charge history to be displayed correctly.

Nintendo Switch users found this very disappointing as it made it very difficult for users to know how much charge the console has left. According to TechRadar, the new system update has now fixed this issue. The system update is known as Firmware update 3.0.1.It fixes the bug which previously affected the Switch’s battery charge indicator. However, it is reported that the update is not without a caveat.

The developer stated in its Update History page that the new 3.0.1 update for the Switch fixes the issue that causes an inaccurate display of the remaining battery charge, prevents the on-screen charge indicator to update accurately, disappear or display 1% even when the device is still working normally. But the system update requires Switch users to perform few tasks before the problem is completely resolved or the issue may still resurface after the update.

According to a report by Eurogamer, the manual fix by Switch users involves fully charging the console and keeping it connected to the charger for at least one hour. Users should then set the console’s Auto-Sleep mode settings to “Never” for portable and docked modes. The developer stated that users should leave the console on the Home screen, then disconnect the console after these steps and allow the battery to completely drain of charge.

When the console is about to shut down, Switch users should manually turn off the console and leave it that way for at least 30 minutes. The developer advised users to repeat this charging and draining process up to 6 times until the issue is completely fixed. Users will notice that the battery charge indicator becomes more accurate after each session. It is believed that repeating the process would gradually improve the accuracy of the battery indicator.