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Waziri Mazanfama: Why Not Atiku For Presidency 2019

Nigeria’s 2019 election is the latest issue in the heart of Nigerians. The question of the candidates who will contest in the upcoming battle for the presidential seat is the story making headlines in major media outlets in the nation. Just like other nations…

Gunmen Launch Attack On EFCC Offices In Nigeria

Photo Credit: Twitter/adamohanafi

New reports state that unknown gunmen have attacked corruption agency offices in Nigeria. According to reports, security operatives in Abuja, the country’s capital stated that unidentified gunmen staged an attack on the offices of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The EFCC is…

Trump Signs Sanction Bill On Russia; Calls It Seriously Flawed And Unconstitutional

Photo Credit: Twitter/CahnEmily

New reports reveal that Donald Trump has finally signed the bill that imposes new sanctions on Russia. According to reports, the US president has approved the new measures that also limits his authority to either amend or reverse it in the future. It was…

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