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Sony Xperia XZ Price Drops Below $400 In The US, Free MicroSD Card Included As Well

Photo Credit: Twitter/Sonyxperia

Latest updates reveal that the Sony Xperia XZ has received another price slash in the United States. According to reports, the device has received a new price cut, thus making the device to cost less than $400. The device was launched in 2016 with…

Samsung Galaxy S5 And A Few Other Devices To Recieve August Security Patch

New reports reveal that Samsung Galaxy S5 and several other devices are currently receiving an August security patch. According to reports, Samsung is rolling out an August security patch for the three-year-old phone, and a few other devices. the security update will be completely…

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launches Today: Device Rumoured To Cost £869 In The UK

Photo Credit: Techradar

Samsung is expected to launch its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 8 today, Wednesday, 23 August 2017. As fans already know, there have been lots of leaks and rumors about the new phablet. And now, just a few hours before the device is launched, it…

Amazon Cancels ‘Free’ Echo Dot

Photo Credit: Twitter/SickNdehed

New reports reveal that Amazon has canceled the free Echo Dot. according to reports, the developer has concluded plans to cancel the free Echo Dot and has announced that the promotion is no longer in existence. This update did not seem very pleasing to…

Google Home Just Added Support For Free Spotify Streaming

Photo Credit: Twitter/verge

Latest updates reveal that Google Home has added support for free Spotify streaming service. According to reports, Google announced that it has added support for free Spotify streaming service to its smart home device. This is an amazing update for Google Home users and…

Apple To Stream Movie Rentals Shortly After Theatrical Launch

Photo Credit: Twitter/infinejrclicks

New reports reveal that Apple will likely have access to stream movie rentals shortly after theater debuts. According to reports, streaming movies from services like Netflix and Hulu would no longer be the major option, as Apple is reportedly in negotiation to stream movie…

Galaxy Note 8 Appears Briefly On Samsung’s Website Ahead Of Wednesday Launch

Photo Credit: Twitter/Forbes

Samsung has unveiled the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 on its official website. According to reports, Samsung recently posted an image of the highly anticipated phablet on its official website. However, the phablet only appeared briefly on the site as the developer removed the post…

Google Adds 30 New Languages To Its Speech Recognition Technology

Photo Credit: Twitter/SmartBot7

Latest updates state that Google has added support for 30 additional languages to its speech recognition technology. According to reports, the technology giant recently announced that it is expanding its speech-to-text to include support 30 new languages and dialects across the globe. This is…

Google Pixel 2 To Arrive In October; Device Will Not Feature The 3.5mm Headphone Jack

: TWitter/stanyee

There have been rumors, leaks and speculations swirling online about the upcoming Google Pixel 2 smartphone. Although various reports are suggesting that the smartphone will likely not arrive until later this year, fans are still eager to know what new specs and features the…

Apple To Incorporate LTE Functionality In Its Upcoming Watch 3; Device May Launch Next Month

Photo Credit: Twitter/Macrumors

New reports reveal that Apple is planning on adding LTE support to its upcoming smartwatch. According to reports, the watch 3 will likely launch with an LTE support feature. As fans already know, the addition of LTE support feature will now allow users of…

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Color Shades And Other Rumors

Photo Credit: Twitter/DefiniteSolution

Lots of rumors and leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have been swirling online lately. This is said to be mostly because of the fact that the highly anticipated device is expected to launch before the end of this month. Recently, reports…

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