Facebook Messenger Adds New Feature That Shows Spotify Recommendations

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Facebook Messenger Adds New Feature That Shows Spotify Recommendations

New reports reveal that Facebook Messenger now shows Spotify recommendations. According to reports, Facebook Messenger now includes a feature that knows exactly when to suggest tunes from the Spotify service.

This is an interesting update for Facebook users. Judging from a series of update, modifications, and improvements, one can say the network is really working actively to give its users a comfortable experience. It is reported by TechRadar that Facebook users can now see prompts music recommendations from Spotify by mere mentioning music on the networks messenger app.

The report added that this new feature allows users to access a truncated version of the mega-popular streaming service, thereby finding just the right music for their chat. Meanwhile, the new Spotify recommendation feature is said to be brought to users with the help of the network’s built-in assistant for Messenger popularly known as “M.”
“M” has the ability to recognize certain phrase made by Facebook users like “pay you back” to provide payment services, “get a ride” to request a car and much more.

However, the report noted that “play/recommend some music” can now be used to request Spotify and get music recommendations, as reported by Altpress.
As fans already know, for over a year now, Spotify users have had the ability to share on Messenger but the new feature now allows the messenger to bring up the streaming app whenever users are chatting or saying anything relating to music.

Reports have it that interested users can test the new M’s Spotify recommendation feature on the latest version of Facebook Messenger on iOS. Users who are unable to access the feature are advised to be patient as it is been rolled out by the social network company. It is believed that the feature will gradually roll out to other platforms within the coming weeks.

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