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Facebook’s Original Shows To Launch Thursday On ‘Watch’

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Facebook’s Original Shows To Launch Thursday On ‘Watch’

New reports reveal that Facebook’s original shows are about to go live on “Watch.” According to reports, Facebook is about to launch the “Watch” section on its network. It is reported that the new “Watch” section will be a platform for TV shows for users of the network. The report also states that the new platform will feature original shows in addition to contents funded by Facebook itself.

According to Engadget, the social network company recently announced that is replacing the current US-only video tab on its network with the “Watch” tab. The report also states that the new “Watch” tab will be available only to a limited subset of United State users, but will be gradually rolled out to users in other regions over the coming weeks. The new platform for TV shows is expected to launch on Thursday.

The company also announced that the new platform will allow users to view shows via the web, Android, laptop, iOS, desktop, and TV applications, according to TechRadar. The report also stated that the shows that will be aired on the new platform will be similar to a typical television show with a story line or theme. Even though it will not allow user-generated Facebook Live broadcasts, the shows will reportedly include content from professional productions like National Geographic, A&E, the NBA and Time.

It is reported that the platform will also include live shows. Other reports state that Conde Nast Entertainment is also preparing to launch its five-episode Facebook “Watch” show, titled Virtually Dating. However, the show is not expected to launch until later in August. Meanwhile, the network also noted that all the shows on “Watch” will be paired with a comment section, where users can air their views and follow up on conversations.

Interestingly, it is reported that among the amazing features of the new platform is that users will be able to keep tabs on their favorite shows via the Watchlist. In addition, it will also feature what other viewers find interesting with categories like “What’s Making People Laugh” or “Most Talked About.” But, the new platform will not just be for watching shows, it will also allow creators to share their contents just like youtube. However, there will only be a small number of content creators for a start. Facebook intends to give publishing rights to a wider range of creators in the future.


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