Google Home Added Support For Free Spotify Streaming

Latest updates reveal that Google Home has added support for free Spotify streaming service. According to reports, Google announced that it has added support for free Spotify streaming service to its smart home device. This is an amazing update for Google Home users and it also shows the developer’s commitment to making users comfortable.

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Google Home Just Added Support For Free Spotify Streaming

It is reported by TechRadar that although the free version of Spotify still gives frugal listeners an array of music, it is amazing to know that paying an additional $9.99 (£9.99 or AU$11.99) every month will allow users to listen to unlimited music on any device. Meanwhile, the new update also states that Spotify noted that it is removing this barrier for Google home, thus making the service free for users.

The company announced that Google’s smart speaker users will now have the access to stream Spotify for free using either free or Premium account. It is believed that the new update is advantageous to Google Home against competitors including the Amazon Echo speakers that still require users to have a Premium account in order to play Spotify tunes.

Google Home users who are interested in activating Spotify on their smart speakers will have to link their Spotify accounts to the smart device through the Google Home app. After that, users will need to set Spotify as the primary music streaming service via the application. It is reported that once the process is complete, google home users will be able to use voice commands to control almost everything including starting Spotify, knowing what artist is playing and enjoying favorite hand-crafted jams.

Furthermore, the new feature is only supported for users in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United States and the United Kingdom. It is being reported that while Google Home users can now enjoy Spotify for free, the barrier of the ad-supported Spotify, which allows users to play music on radio-style is still existing. Google Home users will have to upgrade to Spotify premium to enjoy unlimited control over tunes.

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