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How to Create a WordPress Website Theme

WordPress is one of the most prominent systems in the web content management industry. It is popular among website business owners. It is used by a massive proportion of online business owners. One way to add color to your WordPress website and personalize it with much ease is to install themes. WordPress has thousands of pre-customized themes for its surfers. You can install one of the options, and make little adjustments to make it fit your preference perfectly.

On the other hand, you may manually develop your own custom theme. This may sound hard to you, but you do not have to worry as this article will provide you with a step by step guide to developing your own WordPress website custom theme in a flash. First all, it is essential to know that a WordPress theme only requires two files to function correctly, which are the index.php file and style.css file. You will have to make a little adjustment to them later in the process.

Website Theme from a Static Html Template


To build your own WordPress website custom theme, you have to develop a new folder in the wp-content/themes. You can name the folder as you wish. The following step involves getting a basic HTML and CSS template. Then paste it as images at the top of the style.css file.  After that, specify the title of the updated theme. Subsequently, you should modify the name of your index.html folder to index.php and then save. You can now open the index.php file so as to edit its content.

This can be done by replacing the static elements in the index.php file with PHP snippets. The snippet will allow WordPress website to know about the index.php file. If you do not know where to get the PHP snippets, you can search for contents that have been written on the topic online. On the other hand, you may find PHP snippets by searching through the WordPress  website. Furthermore, you will have to develop yet another file titled functions.php, which you will upload the style sheet of your new theme.

This could be performed by using the functionality provided by the WordPress website enqueue style. Your theme is accomplished and you have to do is to activate the new theme. Simply copy the blog.css and the index.html and after that paste it into the updated folder you developed for your custom theme. Do not forget to rename the index.html modifying it to index.php.

The style.css file, on the other hand, can be modified by modifying the name of the theme, its author, version number, tags, and description to modify the file. The file exists to notify the WordPress of an existing folder. You can go back to your main URL after activating your custom theme. The theme will function as it should and will do everything a normal a WordPress website theme can perform.

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