Kristen Stewart Open to Dating Men Again; Missing Robert Pattinson?

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Kristen Stewart Open to Dating Men Again; Missing Robert Pattinson?

New reports state that Kristen Stewart would be open to dating men again. According to reports, the actress recently revealed that she would be open to dating men again in the future. Does this mean that she misses her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson? As fans already know, Kristen Stewart was in an open relationship with Robert Pattinson during the Twilight years of the duo.

Updates about their high-profile relationship were mesmerizing to fans and many believed at that time that the Hollywood actors will make it to the aisle. Unfortunately, the pair had to go their separate ways when Robert became aware of Stewart’s scandalous romance with director Rupert Sanders. It is reported by CDL that the scandal shattered Robert’s hopes for a future with Kristen and they ended up parting ways in 2013.

The reports also stated that the Hollywood actress has been in several relationships with girlfriends, including St. Vincent, and Alicia Carligle. Stewart is currently in a relationship with Stella Maxwell. However, it is reported that Robert, on the other hand, is currently engaged to FKA Twigs. Stewart has now revealed some crucial detail about her sexuality and romance life in Harper Bazaar’s U.K.’s September 2017 issue.

When the actress was asked if she would date men in the future, she replied saying “Yeah, totally. Definitely, some people aren’t like that. Some people know that they like grilled cheese and they’ll eat it every day for the rest of their lives. I want to try everything. If I have grilled cheese once I’m like, ‘That was cool, what’s next?’”

Although Stewart’s relationship with Stella Maxwell is reportedly strong, the actress’ recent statement has led fans to speculate that she could be missing what she had for three years with her ex-boyfriend, Robert. Other reports are suggesting that the actress may be considering getting back with Robert.

Stewart also told E! in March that her coming out “wasn’t like, ‘Let’s do this thing that’s going to be so important.’ I just thought it was like a nice, light… and also yeah, I’m so utterly proud that I’ve had so many people be like, ‘Thank you,’ and I’m like, ‘No, thank you.’ It’s kind of mutual, full circle.”

It is also reported that the actress stated a few months back that she would love to reprise her role in another Twilight movie as Bella Swan. All these have made fans to conclude that Stewart misses the time she spent with Robert. However, these are mere speculations, as the actress has not publicly confirmed any of it.

Meanwhile, it is been reported that Robert might not make it to the aisle with FKA Twigs as the pair have been avoiding questions about their wedding plans and the future of their relationship over the past months. With the current situation, there are grounds to believe that Robert and Stewart might still get back together.


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