Massive WWE Salaries Has Been Officially Announced

The world wrestling entertainment, WWE is a company with a current market capital of $1.54 billion as of writing this report. If there Should ever be any business to get into that you can pass on to your children as an inheritance, wrestling organization might be the right answer. That most certainly is what Vince McMahon has done with the WWE.

And I am quite sure his children are proud of what he has done. The McMahon family’s 2016 WWE salaries have officially been released and they are quite insane. Vince McMahon, although still having huge control over the WWE, much about him have not been heard since he delegated his son Shane McMahon and daughter Stephanie McMahon.

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Shane and Stephanie assumed the position of Commissioner of SmackDown Live and Raw respectively. Triple H, Stephanie’s husband is also a huge earner in the family. According to F4Wonline.com, Stephanie McMahon earned a whopping $2,000,000 in her position as an executive and a performer in the year 2016.

Shane McMahon her brother, unexpectedly did even better in his comeback role, as he succeeded in earning a gross figure of $2,150,000. In addition to taking on the televised authority figure role, Shane also performed at Survivor Series and WrestleMania; nearly killing himself at respectively.

Triple H earned a whopping $3,993,417 in the year 2016. Unsurprisingly Vince McMahon is the highest earning member of the McMahon family having drawn a huge salary of $5,348,624 in the year 2016; which really isn’t quite as much as you might think it would be.

As reported by Stamford Advocate, the WWE’s compensation committee — which is headed by Frank Riddick III, the CEO of FloWorks International, a Houston-based pipe and valve supplier newly awarded stock to employees Kevin Dunn, George Barrios, and Michelle Wilson to make their total packages to top what Mr. McMahon earns.

Dunn, who is an executive producer, is the major earner at $4.8 million, followed by chief financial and strategy officer, Barrios and chief revenue and marketing officer Wilson (both $4.5 million).

McMahon — who as the top owner of the $1.2 billion company would hardly be concerned about his salary — received a 37 per cent bump to $3.3 million. As far as the boss himself, Vince McMahon has a reported net worth of $1.22 billion, mainly being Stock of the WWE.

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