New Male Contraceptive Option May Effectively Prevent Pregnancy

Male contraceptive methods which include condoms, withdrawal and vasectomy have been the trend over the years. Although most people have hoped for a comfortable, more reliable option, it seems the end of the traditional options is not in sight. However, last year, it was reported that a research found new male contraceptive shots that are effective in preventing pregnancy.

It is reported by Science Daily that the traditional methods are mostly associated with high rates of pregnancy. Others are especially not comfortable with vasectomy because of its permanent nature. The report added that there are currently no long lasting and reversible contraceptives options available for men.

The constantly growing demand for new methods of a male contraceptive has been met with increasing numbers of medical research to the effect. A new survey reportedly finds that while the majority of men would love to have a new contraceptive option, only 20 percent already rely on the existing methods.

Meanwhile, it is reported by Eurekalert that research on the topic has discovered various targets for male contraception but, none of the new products have successfully made it to the market. The report added that a new study was conducted in groups of rhesus monkey on the use of Vasalgel to confirm the findings of a previous preclinical trial in rabbits. The rabbit study was conducted to check the efficacy of the new technique.

According to reports, Vasalgel is a high molecular weight polymer that includes SMA (styrene-alt-maleic acid) that has been dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide. It is believed that this could be the first long-lasting, reversible and non-hormonal male contraceptive option to hit store shelves.

The new technique works by forming a hydrogel and blocking the passage of sperm when injected into the vas deferens. It is been reported that the gel allows fluids to pass slowly through it, thereby reducing back-pressure on the epididymis. In addition, the researchers who conducted the study stated that the effect of Vasalgel has been successfully reversed in a rabbit model.

Reversal is done by flushing out the materials with a sodium bicarbonate solution. The resumption of quick flow of sperm was recorded afterward. Interestingly the study authors found that the new method was effective in preventing pregnancy, which was the ultimate goal of the study. While conducting the study, the researchers compared the efficacy of the new technique to that of vasectomy.

“While vasectomy is a quick and relatively simple procedure in humans, in monkeys there can be additional complications, as it is inherently more complex. We were impressed that this alternative worked in every single monkey, even though this was our first time trying it,” lead veterinarian on the study, Angela Colagross-Schouten said.

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