New Samsung Wearables Leak on the Maker’s App

Latest reports suggest that new Samsung wearables leak on the manufacturer’s own app. According to reports, new amazing wearables were spotted on the Samsung app. What makes Samsung app users even more surprised is that none of the three devices have been officially launched or announced by the manufacturer. The wearables were seen on the Samsung app that can be download from Google play store. This app is designed to provide users of Samsung wearable with a way to pair it with their mobile device for an improved experience.

According to a report, the three new Samsung wearables can be seen on the app irrespective of the device you are using to access it. The manufacturer is yet to release an official statement with regards to the devices and users state that the Samsung wearables are still visible on the app. The “Samsung Galaxy Buds” is one of the products seen on the wearable app. This product first leaked when tech enthusiasts spotted a pair of completely wireless earbuds on Samsung’s charging case behind the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fit e is another wearable that the manufacturer is expected to unveil during its upcoming Unpacked event. It is not known whether the tech giant will include support for call audio. However, this means that we just have to keep our fingers crossed until Samsung tells us more during the event. The third product listed on the Samsung wearables app is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. It was previously rumored that the wearable will be launched as Samsung Galaxy Sport.

The appearance of the device on the app shows that it will only be available in 40mm size option. Samsung is expected to unveil a number of devices during its upcoming unpacked event including its foldable smartphone. The event is scheduled to hold on February 20. What do you think about the foldable smartphone? Leave us a comment.

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