Nintendo Rolls Out System Update That Fixes Switch’s Battery Indicator Issue, But With One Proviso

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Nintendo Rolls Out System Update That Fixes Switch’s Battery Indicator Issue, But With One Proviso

New reports reveal that Nintendo has released a new system update for its Switch console. According to reports, the developer has rolled out a new system update that fixes some issues that were previously encountered by Switch users. The new system update is currently available for interested users to install.

It is reported that although many Switch users have not experienced any issue with the console since it launched some few months back, other have noticed a battery indicator issue since they first purchased the device till date. The report also states that the bug makes the Switch’s battery indicator to quickly drop from a full charge to below 10%. Although even with the indicator error, the console continues to work normally. The bug only prevents the charge history to be displayed correctly.

Nintendo Switch users found this very disappointing as it made it very difficult for users to know how much charge the console has left. According to TechRadar, the new system update has now fixed this issue. The system update is known as Firmware update 3.0.1.It fixes the bug which previously affected the Switch’s battery charge indicator. However, it is reported that the update is not without a caveat.

The developer stated in its Update History page that the new 3.0.1 update for the Switch fixes the issue that causes an inaccurate display of the remaining battery charge, prevents the on-screen charge indicator to update accurately, disappear or display 1% even when the device is still working normally. But the system update requires Switch users to perform few tasks before the problem is completely resolved or the issue may still resurface after the update.

According to a report by Eurogamer, the manual fix by Switch users involves fully charging the console and keeping it connected to the charger for at least one hour. Users should then set the console’s Auto-Sleep mode settings to “Never” for portable and docked modes. The developer stated that users should leave the console on the Home screen, then disconnect the console after these steps and allow the battery to completely drain of charge.

When the console is about to shut down, Switch users should manually turn off the console and leave it that way for at least 30 minutes. The developer advised users to repeat this charging and draining process up to 6 times until the issue is completely fixed. Users will notice that the battery charge indicator becomes more accurate after each session. It is believed that repeating the process would gradually improve the accuracy of the battery indicator.

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