Nintendo Sued By Gamevice Over Switch’s Detachable Controllers

New reports suggest that Nintendo is currently facing a lawsuit over its Switch’s detachable controllers. According to reports, the technology company is being sued by Gamevice for the alleged violation of a patent for concepts used in the Wikipad – the accessory maker’s gaming-oriented Android slate. It is reported that this is in addition to its namesake add-on controllers for mobile phones and tablets.

It is reported by Engadget that the lawsuit claims that the Nintendo Switch and its detachable Joy-Con controllers are very similar to Gamevice’s vision, which is a combination of removable game controller and a device with a flexible bridge section. The report also stated that the lawsuit pleads to the court to award damages for the breach as well as ban the tech company from continuing further switch sales.

In addition, Gamevice is requesting Nintendo to cover all costs incurred as a result of the lawsuit. It is reported by Digitaltrends via Yahoo that both Gamevice and Nintendo are yet to make any official public statement about the lawsuit.

Since the Nintendo Switch launched a few months back, retailers have found it extremely difficult to keep the console in stock due to high demands from gamers. Now, the lawsuit claims patent violation and requires discontinuation of the production and sale of the device. It is reported that the Wikipad and Gamevice controllers sport dual analog sticks, as well as an analog D-pad with shoulder buttons.

The controllers also feature four analog buttons and the controllers allow gamers to have access to numerous games at a time by connecting to mobile phones or tablets. It is being reported that the major difference between Gamevice’s accessories and the Nintendo Switch is that the latter is intended to be a hybrid between TV and portable consoles.

However, this is not the first time the gaming company has faced a lawsuit with regards to patent violations. Philips reportedly filed a lawsuit against Nintendo in 2014. The company requested the court to issue an injunction to shut down production of the Nintendo Wii U because of alleged patent infringements.

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