HBO Hacked! Leaked Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Goes Viral Online

New reports reveal that a complete episode of season 7 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has leaked online. According to reports, an episode of the series which is expected to premiere Sunday has recently leaked online. The episode 4 of the seventh season of the series, titled “The Spoils of War,” has gone viral since it leaked on Friday morning. the seventh season of the series kicked off in July.

According to EW, not long after facing a whole lot of controversy, HBO was recently faced with a security breach that led to the loss of some important files, the leaked episode of “Game of Thrones” inclusive. It is reported that the episode which leaked as a result of the hacked that is termed “the greatest leak of the digital era” is of a very low quality.

However, reports note that the recent hack is different from that which led to the leak of the episode’s script earlier this week. It is reported by The Guardian that the recent leak of episode 4 “Game of Thrones” season 7 came in through HBO’s Indian distribution partner, Star India as confirmed by The Verge.

“We take this breach very seriously and have immediately initiated forensic investigations at our and the technology partner’s end to swiftly determine the cause. This is a grave issue and we are taking appropriate legal remedial action,” the distributors’ spokesperson said. Meanwhile, as fans already know this is not the first time the ‘Game of Thrones’ has leaked or faced unauthorized distribution and issues of pirating as the similar incident was reported in previous seasons.

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HBO Hacked! Leaked Episode Of Game Of Throne Season 7 Goes Viral Online

The episode 3 of “Game of Thrones” Season 7 aired last Sunday and the fourth episode, Which has now been hit by the recent hack is scheduled to air this Sunday. It is been reported that upcoming week’s episodes of other shows including that of Room 104 and Ballers had also been stolen.

Reports also state that some journalists stated that they received emails last Sunday night informing them that “the greatest leak of cyberspace era is happening” and requesting them to spread the information. This came not long after HBO announced that it is planning on creating a drama series titled Confederate.

The network stated that the upcoming series is set in the deep south and centers on what America would have been like if slavery had remained legal and the outcome of the civil war had been different. The announcement came almost at the same time with that of Amazon. Amazon also announced that it was planning a series titled New Colonia that centers on America’s post-civil war era. It will focus on what would have happened if freed slaves were allowed control of three southern states as reparations.


New Study Finds That Natural Compound Paired With Certain Gut Microbes Could Prevent Severe Flu

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New Study Finds That Natural Compound Paired With Certain Gut Microbes Could Prevent Severe Flu

A new study by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis finds that a gut microbe can prevent severe flu infections. According to reports, the new study which was conducted on mice finds that a certain gut microbe possesses some qualities that could prevent flu infections. It is reported that the gut microbe works by breaking down naturally occurring compounds known as flavonoids, which is mostly found in food like red wine, black tea, and blueberries.

Influenza is a common health condition characterized by aches, fever, and cough. It is also seen as deadly viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, and an average of 113 children lost their lives as a result of influenza every year in the United States according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is common in pregnant women, older adults, young children and persons suffering from chronic health problems like asthma and heart disease.

According to a recent report by science daily, Microbes found in the gut do not only digest food, they also have a huge impact on the immune system. The findings of the new study now suggest that gut microbe can be used to treat severe flu infections in mice. As already mentioned above, the findings of the study, which was conducted on mice also indicates that the strategy could help in preventing the severe damage caused by flu.

This is possible when the interaction occurs before the infection with the influenza virus. It is also believed that the findings of the new study will further give a better explanation of the wide variation in human responses to influenza infection.

“For years, flavonoids have been thought to have protective properties that help regulate the immune system to fight infections. Flavonoids are common in our diets, so an important implication of our study is that it’s possible flavonoids work with gut microbes to protect us from flu and other viral infections,” first author of the study and an instructor in pediatrics who treats intensive care patients at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Ashley L. Steed, MD, Ph.D., said.

It is reported that although previous studies on the topic have found that the gut microbiome could be crucial in preventing severe influenza infections, the researchers involved in the new study aimed at identifying which particular gut microbe could offer such protection. While conducting the study, the authors screened human gut microbes in search of the one that metabolizes flavonoids and found one suspected to have the potentials to might protect against flu damage.

The researchers stated that microbe known as Clostridium OrbisCindens works by degrading flavonoids in order to produce a metabolite that boosts interferon signaling. They administered the metabolite called Desaminotyrosine (DAT) to mice and infected them with influenza. The researchers found that the mice experienced a significantly less lung damage compared to mice not treated with DAT, according to Medical Express.

Furthermore, they found that even though the lungs of mice treated with DAT had less flu damage, their levels of viral infection was similar to those of mice that did not get the treatment. However, the DAT prevented the immune system from damaging the lung tissue. The researchers published their findings on August 4 in the journal Science.

Netflix’s Original Series, Narcos Returns With A New Trailer

Netflix’s Original Series, Narcos Returns With A New Trailer

New reports reveal that Netflix’s crime series, Narcos is back. According to reports, a new trailer has just been released for the upcoming season of the series. Narcos is a Netflix original drama Set and filmed in Colombia. Season 1 of the crime drama comprised of 10 episodes, and originally aired on August 28, 2015.

It centers around the story of Pablo Escobar, a drug kingpin who later became a billionaire by engaging in the production and distribution of cocaine. The season also focused on Pablo’s relations with several other drug cartels, DEA agents, and competitors. Netflix renewed the crime series for a second season last year. Season 2 of Narcos premiered with 10 episodes on September 2, 2016.

As fans already know, the second season continued from where Season 1 ended. It started with the scene where Pablo was spotted by soldiers along with his entourage outside La Catedral but they were too petrified to make an arrest. The season focused on how he resorted to degrading means to hide from the authority. Meanwhile, Netflix renewed the crime series for season three and four on September 6, 2016, and a new trailer for season 3 has now been released. the new trailer revealed that there is still more to come in the upcoming season.

Although it is believed that the first and second seasons of the crime series have already showcased everything there is to know about Pablo Escobar, it is reported that the new trailer reveals that the best is yet to come and will be seen in upcoming seasons. According to TechRadar, the new trailer which started with an era-appropriate new jack swing track and ended with a Cypress Hill classic showcased the grotesque acts committed by the Cartels in Colombia.

It further explained that the drug cartels in Colombia all have to do with succession. It also explains that returning DEA agent, Javier Peña, a character played by Pedro Pascal will have his eyes on the Cali Cartel. It is a drug trafficking cartel that made lots of profits and perpetrated all kinds of crimes in the 90s, according to Mobilelly.

In one word, it is believed that the new trailer will serve as a spoiler for viewers that are yet to complete the second season. Narcos is created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. Narcos season 3 is set to premiere on Netflix on September 1, 2017.




Queen Elizabeth To Bypass Prince Charles and Appoint Prince William And Kate Middleton as The Next Monarchs Of England

New reports suggest that Queen Elizabeth is about to bypass Prince Charles and appoint Prince William and Kate Middleton as the next monarchs of England. According to reports, Queen Elizabeth has appointed Prince William and Kate Middleton to be the next King and Queen of England. The new update is said to come as a surprise to many fans of the royal family as it would mean that the queen is bypassing Prince Charles who is the rightful heir to the throne.

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Queen Elizabeth To Bypass Prince Charles and Appoint Prince William And Kate Middleton as The Next Monarchs Of England

According to a report by CDL, it is believed that the queen considers Prince William and Kate Middleton as best for the position. Queen Elizabeth reportedly believes that the couple has the potentials to save the monarchy and bring it into the modern world. The new report that the queen has already appointed the couple to succeed her is based on a recent post by Life & Style Magazine.

“The Queen is already putting her successors through training for their new roles as king and queen. Her Majesty realizes that William and Kate are the future,” the report claims. It is clear that Queen Elizabeth has done so much within her capacity to ensure that the royal family survives the hustle and bustle of changing time. Throughout her long and successful reign as queen, the monarch has earned the respect of the people by ensuring that the monarchy continues to thrive the way it should. It is believed that she is one of the monarchs who

Throughout her long and successful reign as queen, the monarch has earned the respect of the people by ensuring that the monarchy continues to thrive the way it should. It is believed that she is one of the monarchs who has actually earned her place.

Throughout her long and successful reign as queen, the monarch has earned the respect of the people by ensuring that the monarchy continues to thrive the way it should. It is believed that she is one of the monarchs who has actually earned her place. However, with the constantly changing environment, monarchical system of government is currently losing the place it occupied in previous years.

It is also reported that on several accounts, there have been suggestions of abolishing royalty completely. This speculation invariably means those who are interested in the survival of the monarchy would have to put in more effort to ensure that it survives the trying times. But it seems the queen of England does not think Prince Charles has the potentials to achieve this.

A recent report suggests that the monarchy does not stand a chance for the future if the way people currently view the royal family, especially Prince William and Kate Middleton is not updated. “The Queen has spent 65 years making sure the House of Windsor survives, and she sees William and Kate as having the energy and star quality to do the job in a modern world. Queen Elizabeth will always do what is best for the long-term health of the monarchy.

“Elizabeth realizes the monarchy no longer has the respect and power it once had. In her eyes, William and Kate are the two people who can turn that around,” Life & Style stated in the report. It is believed that the Queen would do anything to ensure the survival of the British monarchy and if the recent report is to be considered, she obviously believes that Prince William and Kate Middleton is one way to achieve that.

Ingredient Found In Green Tea May Alleviate Cognitive Impairment, Brain Insulin Resistance, And Obesity, Study Finds

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Ingredient Found In Green Tea May Alleviate Cognitive Impairment, Brain Insulin Resistance, And Obesity, Study Finds

A new study finds that an ingredient commonly found in Green tea may prevent and treat health conditions like brain insulin resistance, memory impairment, and even obesity. According to reports, the new study finds that the ingredient could alleviate brain insulin resistance, cognitive impairment and insulin resistance caused by high-fat and high-fructose (HFFD).

It is reported by Science Daily that the researchers found that the ingredient, popularly referred to as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is a biologically active component and the most abundant catechin found in green tea. The researchers were amazed at the findings of the study, even though previous studies on the topic have clearly pointed to the fact that EGCG possesses some qualities that could help patients alleviate the symptoms caused by several medical conditions.

Meanwhile, it is reported that although the findings of the current study and those before it have confirmed that EGCG could help alleviate the symptoms of various diseases, the impact of the ingredient on insulin resistance and cognitive impairment triggered in the brain by a Western diet is still not clear.

“Green tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water and is grown in at least 30 countries. The ancient habit of drinking green tea may be a more acceptable alternative to medicine when it comes to combatting obesity, insulin resistance, and memory impairment,” a researcher at the College of Food Science and Engineering, Northwest A&F University, in Yangling, China, Xuebo Liu, Ph.D. said.

According to Eurekalert, Liu and colleagues conducted the study on 3-month-old male C57BL/6J mice that were divided into three groups based on their diet. The researchers fed the first group known as the control group with a standard diet. The second group was fed with an HFFD diet and the third with an HFFD diet plus 2 grams of EGCG in every liter of drinking water. The study authors then monitored the mice for 16 weeks.

They found that mice that were fed with HFFD had a higher final body weight compared to mice in the control group. They also had a significantly higher final body weight compared to those fed with HFFD and EGCG. The researchers found during a Morris water maze test that mice fed with HFFD took longer to find the platform compared to those fed a standard diet.

Meanwhile, mice in the HFFD+EGCG group are reported to have a significantly lower escape latency and distance compared to those in the HFFD group. Interestingly, the researchers found that mice in the HFFD group spent less time in the target quadrant when the hidden platform was removed compared to mice in the control group with fewer platform crossings.

Mice in the HFFD+EGCG group recorded an increase in the average time they spent in the target quadrant. They also had greater numbers of platform crossings, which is translated to mean that EGCG could improve HFFD-induced memory impairment. It is believed that the findings of the new study will further strengthen previous evidence on the topic. The researchers published their findings online in The FASEB Journal.

Kristen Stewart Open to Dating Men Again; Missing Robert Pattinson?

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Kristen Stewart Open to Dating Men Again; Missing Robert Pattinson?

New reports state that Kristen Stewart would be open to dating men again. According to reports, the actress recently revealed that she would be open to dating men again in the future. Does this mean that she misses her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson? As fans already know, Kristen Stewart was in an open relationship with Robert Pattinson during the Twilight years of the duo.

Updates about their high-profile relationship were mesmerizing to fans and many believed at that time that the Hollywood actors will make it to the aisle. Unfortunately, the pair had to go their separate ways when Robert became aware of Stewart’s scandalous romance with director Rupert Sanders. It is reported by CDL that the scandal shattered Robert’s hopes for a future with Kristen and they ended up parting ways in 2013.

The reports also stated that the Hollywood actress has been in several relationships with girlfriends, including St. Vincent, and Alicia Carligle. Stewart is currently in a relationship with Stella Maxwell. However, it is reported that Robert, on the other hand, is currently engaged to FKA Twigs. Stewart has now revealed some crucial detail about her sexuality and romance life in Harper Bazaar’s U.K.’s September 2017 issue.

When the actress was asked if she would date men in the future, she replied saying “Yeah, totally. Definitely, some people aren’t like that. Some people know that they like grilled cheese and they’ll eat it every day for the rest of their lives. I want to try everything. If I have grilled cheese once I’m like, ‘That was cool, what’s next?’”

Although Stewart’s relationship with Stella Maxwell is reportedly strong, the actress’ recent statement has led fans to speculate that she could be missing what she had for three years with her ex-boyfriend, Robert. Other reports are suggesting that the actress may be considering getting back with Robert.

Stewart also told E! in March that her coming out “wasn’t like, ‘Let’s do this thing that’s going to be so important.’ I just thought it was like a nice, light… and also yeah, I’m so utterly proud that I’ve had so many people be like, ‘Thank you,’ and I’m like, ‘No, thank you.’ It’s kind of mutual, full circle.”

It is also reported that the actress stated a few months back that she would love to reprise her role in another Twilight movie as Bella Swan. All these have made fans to conclude that Stewart misses the time she spent with Robert. However, these are mere speculations, as the actress has not publicly confirmed any of it.

Meanwhile, it is been reported that Robert might not make it to the aisle with FKA Twigs as the pair have been avoiding questions about their wedding plans and the future of their relationship over the past months. With the current situation, there are grounds to believe that Robert and Stewart might still get back together.


Trump Signs Sanction Bill On Russia; Calls It Seriously Flawed And Unconstitutional

New reports reveal that Donald Trump has finally signed the bill that imposes new sanctions on Russia. According to reports, the US president has approved the new measures that also limits his authority to either amend or reverse it in the future. It was confirmed by two White House officials that trump approved the bill on Wednesday morning.

According to The Guardian, the president signed the bill behind closed doors and amidst strong objections to the newly approved measures. The report also states that Trump’s signature was accompanied by two statements saying “for the sake of national unity” and that the bill is “seriously flawed and clearly unconstitutional.”

However, it is believed that the most controversial part of the new bill is that which prohibits the president from mitigating the sanction on Russia. According to the provisions of the bill, Trump’s power to lift the implementation of the bill is limited and he is not allowed to do so without first stating and reporting what the united states stand to gain from Moscow as a result, to the congress.

He stated that he would give respectful consideration to the preferences eCongress by the Congress in the provisions of the new bill but he would implement them in a way that is consistent with his constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations. According to The Washington Post, the president did not have much choice on whether to sign the bill or otherwise as it was approved last weeks by an overwhelming majority both in the senate and the house of representatives.

It is reported that a presidential veto on the issue could be overturned easily as the bill was approved by 419 to three votes in the House of Representatives and 98 to two votes in the Senate. The new bill also includes expanded sanctions on North Korea and Iran. Meanwhile, Russia’s prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev is reported to have said in a Facebook post that the sanctions have similar effects to a full-scale trade war. He added that the hope to improve the relations between the new administration and Russia is finished.

“Trump’s administration has demonstrated total impotence by surrendering its executive authority to Congress in the most humiliating way,” Medvedev wrote. However, Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebeznya reportedly stated that Moscow would continue to seek common grounds with the new administration. He added that Moscow will not relent on finding means to cooperate with its partners, including the United States.


New Study Finds That Insufficient Sleep Could Lead To Weight Gain And Obesity

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New Study Finds That Insufficient Sleep Could Lead To Weight Gain And Obesity

A new study by researchers at the University of Leeds finds that insufficient sleep could cause individuals to be obese and have poor metabolic health. According to reports, the researchers involved in the recent study found that UK adults who have poor sleep patterns are more likely to be overweight and obese.

It is reported by medical express that the new study found that individuals who are able to get an average around of up to six hours sleep every night were overweight than those who were sleeping for at least nine hours a night. The report also noted that the researchers found that the waistline measurement of the former was 3cm greater than that of the latter.

The researchers believe that the findings are because short sleep is heavier than a light one. According to Science Daily, the study authors are confident that their findings further strengthen the previous evidence that insufficient sleep could lead to the development of several metabolic diseases like diabetes, which is the major health challenge currently faced by the NHS.

The study was conducted by a research team from the Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine and the School of Food Science and Nutrition. It was led by Dr. Laura Hardie, Reader in Molecular Epidemiology and involved 1,615 adults, who according to reports recorded their food intake and how long they slept. The researchers took the blood samples of participants as well as their waist circumference, weight, and blood pressure.

It is reported that the researchers not only investigated into the diet, sleep duration and weight of the participants but also checked other indicators of their complete metabolic health including blood sugar, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and thyroid function. They also checked the relationship between sleep duration and these parameters.

They discovered reduced levels of HDL cholesterol in the blood of participants who slept less. It is reported that this is linked to several health conditions. The report also states that a healthy amount of HDL cholesterol helps the body to eliminate unhealthy fat and thus protects individuals from health conditions like heart disease. But the researchers did not find any association between short sleep durations and a less healthy diet. The researchers were surprised because previous studies on the topic have suggested otherwise.

Dr. Hardie stated that the findings of the new study further reiterates the importance of getting enough sleep as the researchers found that individuals who reported that they were sleeping less were more likely to be obese or overweight compared to those who were sleeping well. She concluded that medical practitioners are not unanimous as to how much sleep is best for everyone as this differs from one person to another. However, many practitioners believe that that seven to nine hours sleep is best for most adults.

Nintendo Rolls Out System Update That Fixes Switch’s Battery Indicator Issue, But With One Proviso

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Nintendo Rolls Out System Update That Fixes Switch’s Battery Indicator Issue, But With One Proviso

New reports reveal that Nintendo has released a new system update for its Switch console. According to reports, the developer has rolled out a new system update that fixes some issues that were previously encountered by Switch users. The new system update is currently available for interested users to install.

It is reported that although many Switch users have not experienced any issue with the console since it launched some few months back, other have noticed a battery indicator issue since they first purchased the device till date. The report also states that the bug makes the Switch’s battery indicator to quickly drop from a full charge to below 10%. Although even with the indicator error, the console continues to work normally. The bug only prevents the charge history to be displayed correctly.

Nintendo Switch users found this very disappointing as it made it very difficult for users to know how much charge the console has left. According to TechRadar, the new system update has now fixed this issue. The system update is known as Firmware update 3.0.1.It fixes the bug which previously affected the Switch’s battery charge indicator. However, it is reported that the update is not without a caveat.

The developer stated in its Update History page that the new 3.0.1 update for the Switch fixes the issue that causes an inaccurate display of the remaining battery charge, prevents the on-screen charge indicator to update accurately, disappear or display 1% even when the device is still working normally. But the system update requires Switch users to perform few tasks before the problem is completely resolved or the issue may still resurface after the update.

According to a report by Eurogamer, the manual fix by Switch users involves fully charging the console and keeping it connected to the charger for at least one hour. Users should then set the console’s Auto-Sleep mode settings to “Never” for portable and docked modes. The developer stated that users should leave the console on the Home screen, then disconnect the console after these steps and allow the battery to completely drain of charge.

When the console is about to shut down, Switch users should manually turn off the console and leave it that way for at least 30 minutes. The developer advised users to repeat this charging and draining process up to 6 times until the issue is completely fixed. Users will notice that the battery charge indicator becomes more accurate after each session. It is believed that repeating the process would gradually improve the accuracy of the battery indicator.

Jennifer Aniston To Make A Grand Comeback To The Small Screen; Getting Revenge On Jolie?

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Jennifer Aniston To Make A Grand Comeback To The Small Screen; Getting Revenge On Jolie?

Latest updates reveal that Jennifer Aniston is about to make a grand television comeback. According to reports, the actress will be making a huge comeback to the small screen in an upcoming television show. However, it is reported that the actress will not be appearing alone as she will star alongside Reese Witherspoon.

It is reported by Christian Post that even though the title for the upcoming show has not been revealed, it already seems the show will be a huge hit. The report also states that the upcoming television show will be centered on competing morning news shows in New York. This is interesting news for Jennifer Aniston’s fans as the last time the actress appeared on TV was when she portrayed the role Rachel Green in the “Friends” from 1994 to 2004.

It is even more interesting that Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon will also be appearing alongside the actress. As fans already know, Witherspoon also appeared as a guest actress on “Friends,” as Rachel’s sister. It is reported that both Witherspoon and Aniston have been good friends ever since. There are not many details about the upcoming show but as already mentioned above, it will explore the hassles of New York media scenes.

According to a recent report by CDL, both Aniston and Witherspoon will not only star in the upcoming show but will also be listed as executive producers alongside Steve Kloves of “Harry Potter” and “Wonder Boys.” The show will be headed by former HBO’s head of drama, Michael Ellenberg, and scribed by Jay Carson, who will also be the executive producer.

It is still not clear if the show will air through a streaming service or on premium cable, but it is speculated that several networks will bid for the show since two A-list stars will be featured. It is also possible that the upcoming show will air on HBO as Ellenberg and Witherspoon have had direct connections to the network.

Other reports are suggesting that Aniston’s comeback could be a way of getting revenge on Angelina Jolie. The actress suffered lots of lash from the media stating that her ex-husband Brad Pitt left her for Jolie. However, it seems things have turned in her favor, as it is reported that Aniston sees Pitt and Jolie’s divorce as karma.

The actress reportedly said Jolie’s recent career slump is a payback for cheating with Pitt while she was still married to him. It is also reported that Pitt is also considering reuniting with Aniston as the pair has been in keeping in touch with each other lately.