Samsung Teases On How The Dual Camera Of Its Upcoming Galaxy Note 8 would Work

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Samsung Teases On How The Dual Camera Of Its Upcoming Galaxy Note 8 Would Work

New reports suggest that Samsung has revealed important details with regards to how the dual camera of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will work. According to reports, the developer has released hints as to how the camera of the highly anticipated device will work. There have been lots of rumors and leaks suggesting that the upcoming device will feature dual rear cameras. The developer has now revealed details that confirm that the Galaxy Note 8 will indeed feature a dual rear camera. The hint also highlights how the dual camera will work.

It is reported by 9to5Google that the developer decided to reveal the details of the device as it recently passed through FCC. The report also states that the dual camera feature will include 3x optical zoom. Samsung’s electromechanical division recently posted a list that includes all the features for the Galaxy note 8 dual camera module. The post highlights a detailed summary of what the rear sensors of the upcoming device will pack.

As already mentioned above, the second camera features a 3X optical zoom. The camera also features a depth-of-field effect, an iPhone style portrait mode and after-the-shot refocusing. It is also reported that the developer has assured fans that the new module allows users to take shots with improved image quality for even regular shots. Another report by Engadget also states that Samsung noted that the dual rear camera of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will feature brighter low-light shots when it is used in tandem.

The reports also stated that the camera’s dual fusion can increase the dynamic range of shots in order to preserve details in shadows and highlight. In addition, the dual rear camera also features perspective view that is used to tilt shots depending on how a user rotates the devices and the background effect, which is used to blur the shot with the exception of the center. The dual rear camera is said to be the major feature of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, even though it is still not clear whether all the above-mentioned features will be available when the developer unveils the device in the coming weeks.

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