Square Enix And AMD To Give Out Free Indie Games With New GPUs

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AMD has launched two new high-end graphics cards for its Radeon RX Vega line

New reports reveal that AMD and Square Enix are giving indie games along with new GPUs. According to reports, the tech companies are giving out indie games with new GPUs. This is an interesting update for gamers as they will have free games to enjoy with the new graphics card.

It is reported by Engadget that the motive behind the giveaway is primarily because AMD wants to make sure that owners of the new graphics card have something unique to play with. Meanwhile, the report also stated that the new AMD4U program from the tech company is in collaboration with publisher Square Enix.

According to other reports, the AMD4U program exclusively features games from the publisher’s collective initiative for indie developers. Fans who purchase and register their GPU will be eligible for up to three free PDF games. It is reported that the free games will include Black the Fall and Tokyo Dark (above).

Furthermore, reports have it that the benefits of the AMD4U program are two-fold for gamers. This is because while players will be entitled to free and unique games to enjoy with their graphics card, smaller developers will also be able to get their wares to reach a whole new audience.

Although indie games do not necessarily tend to put graphics cards to the test the same way typical pack-in games do, they offer exclusive experiences that users will not find with the typical high-budget AAA fare. There are not yet many details about the AMD4U program but fans should stay tuned for more updates.




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