Trump Signs Sanction Bill On Russia; Calls It Seriously Flawed And Unconstitutional

New reports reveal that Donald Trump has finally signed the bill that imposes new sanctions on Russia. According to reports, the US president has approved the new measures that also limits his authority to either amend or reverse it in the future. It was confirmed by two White House officials that trump approved the bill on Wednesday morning.

According to The Guardian, the president signed the bill behind closed doors and amidst strong objections to the newly approved measures. The report also states that Trump’s signature was accompanied by two statements saying “for the sake of national unity” and that the bill is “seriously flawed and clearly unconstitutional.”

However, it is believed that the most controversial part of the new bill is that which prohibits the president from mitigating the sanction on Russia. According to the provisions of the bill, Trump’s power to lift the implementation of the bill is limited and he is not allowed to do so without first stating and reporting what the united states stand to gain from Moscow as a result, to the congress.

He stated that he would give respectful consideration to the preferences eCongress by the Congress in the provisions of the new bill but he would implement them in a way that is consistent with his constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations. According to The Washington Post, the president did not have much choice on whether to sign the bill or otherwise as it was approved last weeks by an overwhelming majority both in the senate and the house of representatives.

It is reported that a presidential veto on the issue could be overturned easily as the bill was approved by 419 to three votes in the House of Representatives and 98 to two votes in the Senate. The new bill also includes expanded sanctions on North Korea and Iran. Meanwhile, Russia’s prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev is reported to have said in a Facebook post that the sanctions have similar effects to a full-scale trade war. He added that the hope to improve the relations between the new administration and Russia is finished.

“Trump’s administration has demonstrated total impotence by surrendering its executive authority to Congress in the most humiliating way,” Medvedev wrote. However, Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebeznya reportedly stated that Moscow would continue to seek common grounds with the new administration. He added that Moscow will not relent on finding means to cooperate with its partners, including the United States.


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