VW Electric Microbus Reportedly To Debut In 2022

VW Electric Bus

New reports reveal that Volkswagen fans will likely see the company’s electric microbus in 2022. According to reports, the automobile giant is reportedly working on its electric microbus with the ID Buzz expected to launch in few years. This is an interesting update and fans are waiting eagerly for the debut of the buzz.

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VW’s Electric Microbus Reportedly To Debut In 2022

When the EV was unveiled by VW, many enthusiasts thought the idea, just like many others might never make it to the stage of production. However, it is reported by Engadget that the automobile maker recently announced that it has concluded plans to put the Microbus-inspired EV into production. Volkswagen added that the vehicle will likely have a 2022 debut date.

Although not much is currently known about the vw electric microbus, it is believed that the developer will likely drop some features of the buzz including the large wheels. But Volkswagen will reportedly continue with the semi-autonomous driving feature, four-wheel drive, and the ’60s-inspired styling. It is reported that the automaker has also stated that it will also debut a cargo variant of the upcoming vehicle.

Furthermore, it is believed that there will be much passenger room since the vw electric microbus will not feature a gas engine. Rumors have it that Volkswagen decided to produce the vehicle because it is on the same platform as other ID cars. This is because it will be less expensive to produce compared to the previous Microbus concept.
other ID models including the compact car and Crozz are also expected to make a debut soon. The upcoming electric microbus is targeted at Europe, China, and North America.

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