Xbox One X And Project Scorpio Edition Pre Order Now Live

New reports reveal that Microsoft’s Xbox One X is now available for pre order. We stated in our previous post that the developer will likely open pre orders for its 4K Xbox during its Gamescom Livestream and it sure did. According to reports, Microsoft also announced a limited version of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition during the Livestream last weekend. The pre-order for the One X Project Scorpio edition is also live.

Xbox One X Pre Order Now Live: See Best Deals Here!

However, it is reported by TechRadar that only a few retailers still have the console listed for pre order on their website. Many retailers have already listed the console as “sold out” and closed pre order due to the high level of demand for the new console. Fans who are interested in purchasing the Xbox One X are advised to make their move now as pre orders may be completely closed sooner rather than later.
Pre orders are currently live at retail stores listed below.

Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Tesco with £20 first deposit
Xbox One X pre-order £449.99 from Argos

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Meanwhile, fans may also check out the closed pre-order deals below as there is a possibility that any of it will be reopened just like we have already seen with a few. It is reported that pre-orders are opened and then closed intermittently by the retailers listed below.

pre-order £449.99 from Microsoft
pre-order £449.99 from Game
pre-order £449.99 from Argos
pre-order $499.99 from Walmart
pre-order $499 from Microsoft

Both Amazon US and Amazon UK have already sold out the Xbox One X and closed pre-orders for now. As already mentioned above, it is best to keep watch just in case the console is back in stock for pre-orders. However, it is reported that Xbox One X pre-orders are currently available at GameStop USA but the deal might not be as favorable as fans may want it to be. Check back for details as we will post updates if pre-orders go live at any of the retail stores mentioned above.

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